Our Tree care division has International Society of Arboriculture certified arborists on staff that manage all tree care work. We perform work for residential, home owners associations, commercial properties, municipalities and government entities throughout the Wasatch Front.

  • Tree Care
    • Tree Pruning to ISA specifications and standards
      • Tree pruning is the removal of suckers, dead wood, broken or cracked branches, crossing branches dying and diseased branches.
    • Crown Thinning / Cleaning
      • Crown cleaning and thinning is pruning to allow more sunlight to filter to the grass and a shrubs below and allow less wind resistance in the tree’s crown
    • Fruit Tree Pruning
      • Fruit tree pruning involves crown reduction cuts to properly shape the tree. Crown reduction cuts made at 45 degree angle just above the lateral branch. The lateral branch will become the dominate branch or the terminal branch and help reduce the sprouting of sucker branches.
    • Tree Removal
      • Tree Removal can be preformed in different ways. An aerial lift, such as a bucket truck, lifts portions of the tree and lays them by the companies truck on the the street. The old fashion way of a tree climber using ropes and rigging equipment to safely remove the tree.
    • Stump Grinding
      • Stump grinding is the actual grinding out of the trees stump. Stump grinders has a large circular wheel with carbide teeth that cuts the stump into small pieces of wood similar to mulch.
    • Tree Cabling
      • Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of steel strand cables and braces in trees to reduce damage from high winds, the weight of ice or snow and heavy foliage.
  • Tree Assessment
    • Determine tree health and the potential for failure
    • Provide recommendations to remove or retain trees
  • Storm Damage and Clean-up
    • Removal of debris
    • Re-shaping of damaged trees
    • Lightning Protection
  • Consulting
    • Species recommendations that match site considerations
    • Fertilizer and irrigation recommendations
    • Pest management solutions

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